Transforming Food for Over Five Years

Gourmet Delicatessen & Catering

Over the past five years, Jay has transformed Summerwind Deli into a home, a place where if you’re having a hard time, they’ll take care of you. Jay has high respect for all first responders, welcomes old and new faces with a smile, and is happy to serve the community. This deli has been around for 40 years with many different owners. Jay has been working in the industry for about the same amount of time. You may recognize him as one of the faces from Bagel Boss. The food industry has always been not just a passion to Jay, but a comfort as well. He takes pride in his relationship with his customers, vendors, associates, and business. Since taking over Summerwind Deli, it’s been brought up to a higher level that’s more up-to-date with better gourmet food service that’s also exceptional quality.

Jay says,
“My favorite thing about being in this type of business is the relationships I create with others. I like to consider myself a “yes” store. I give when and where I can and know I’ll always be rewarded with gratitude. We aren’t just in the community, we are the community, and we love being part of something so special.”

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